Tired of turning down jobs?

A client asks you to translate a PHP file, or a non-standard XML file, or a proprietary format developed for & by the client. You open the file in Trados (or similar) and it tells you that "This file format is not supported" or "the file is not valid".

Fair enough, but now what? Turn down the project? Yes. Or you could use PrepTags and convert the files in a format which you can easily translate.

What they say...

I plan to use PrepTags, considering the functionality and the excellent support. I will acquire it right away.

Thanks a million, it works great with both TagEditor and MemoQ!

By the way, PrepTags is awesome! It already salvaged several projects for me!

The typical translation job goes like this: the customer sends files. Translator opens the files in Word or with a translation tool, translates and delivers.

Simple. But what if your customer's files are not Word documents? There is an increasing demand for XML, (X)HTML, ASP, PHP, JS, SQL, PO and other technical-sounding file formats.

And you could translate these quite easily, if it wasn't for those pesky untranslatable codes. That and the fact everything would explode if you changed so much as a semi-colon.

Ok, that last one was an exaggeration, but the point is that using PrepTags, you can prepare a wide range of file formats for translation, then proceed to translate pretty much as usual, secure in the knowledge that you will not accidentally corrupt the code or waste hours going through pages and pages of untranslatable code.

Check out the video tutorials and give it a try.

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