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What's new in PrepTags?

There are a lot of new features and bug fixes in this new version

PrepTags v.2.0 Beta

New features:

  • Export to TTX (segmented and unsegmented)
  • Yes, you can create native Trados TTX files with PrepTags, both unsegmented (best for use in Tag Editor) or presegmented (best for compatible tools).

  • Export to TXML
  • Create TXML files (Wordfast Pro native format). This is the easiest way to prepare TXML files for all formats not directly supported.

  • Export to Text
  • Create a text export in RTF format. This is ideal if your translators translate without translation tools. The original format can be recreated after translation using the post-processing module. Warning: this feature is beta.

  • Export to XLIFF
  • Create XLIFF files (official translation file interchange standard). Note: post-processing is buggy. Generate the translated file using the TM.

  • Snippet library
  • A library of common reggex operations used in file preparation. Custom prepare your files in a few clicks without regex knowledge.

  • Improved encoding support
  • PrepTags Pro should now support all common encoding formats. If you see weird characters on the screen, simply change the encoding.

  • Integrity check
  • Checks the content of the prepared file against the original to ensure that the content has not changed

  • Easily select your files
  • Makes it easier & faster to find the right files and folders.

  • Enhanced interface
  • Removed the search box (Ctrl+F to display it if needed)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the auto-extract feature
  • Fixed the display messages.
  • Fixed bug Tag Inspector.
  • Fixed bug in post-processing

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